InstaDebit for Canadian casino players

These days online gaming has become the legitimate leisure pastime of many thousands of Canadian casino players.
At one time one of the most challenging aspects of playing online was the best way of making deposits and enabling withdrawals. Players want to enjoy the ease of making instant and spontaneous deposits while enjoying relative confidentiality.

While there are a number of “Web Wallets” available to Canadian online players, none provide them with such a comprehensive and well thought out service as InstaDebit.

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Why InstaDebit is the #1 choice for Canadian players.

InstaDebit is Canada orientated: InstaDebit allows their Canadian customers to pay for any goods or services that they purchase directly from a Canadian bank account, including online deposits.

InstaDebit is simple to use and friendly too: InstaDebit means instant sign up and use- not only that but is it doesn’t cost a penny to use. With InstaDebit there are no unpleasant surprises- that mean no deposit, transaction or withdrawal fees.

InstaDebit is as safe as houses: Every transaction made through Instadebit is double encrypted meaning that there is no possibility that any personal details of the player making deposits or withdrawals can be accessed. Also Instadebit guarantees total confidentiality of the nature of every transaction made through them.

InstaDebit are there for you around the clock: Instadebit are there for you around the clock to handle any inquiries and answer any questions.

InstaDebit are flexible to suit everybody’s needs: Instadebit will handle transactions not only in Canadian dollars but in US dollars too. They provide constantly updated, instant access transaction records so that online players can keep track of where they stand in real time.

How to make Instadebit your default deposit and withdrawal option

All that is required to make Instadebit your default deposit and withdrawal option at your favorite online casino is to stipulate InstaDebit as being your first choice for financial transactions. Treat Instadebit as your bank; there are no minimum deposits, no maximum withdrawals and no need for a back up credit card. Instadebit provides a turnkey service for every online transaction you make- and it is totally free of charge!

Nobody needs to know your business when you make deposits and play online through Instadebit. Your bank only sees the name- and Instadebit is among the leaders in online transactions for a huge variety of companies who provide online goods and services.

So for Canadians who are looking for a web wallet that proves all of the answers- there is no reason to look any further than Instadebit.

  • Best game variety

  • Audited & reviewed regularly

  • Highest payout percentages

  • Safe payment methods

  • Exclusive VIP services

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